Land Survey

Southwest Survey provides a wide variety of affordable land surveys for residential and commercial properties all throughout Van Buren County. Since 1970, our top priority has always been to ensure top quality surveys with honest service for our valued clients. Our most popular survey services include legal descriptions, flood and elevation surveys, and ALTA surveys. For more information regarding these types of surveys, please visit their specified page located on our website.
Below are some of the many survey services that Southwest Survey has offered residents of the Van Buren area for nearly 40 years. Our honest commitment to the community and affordable prices on all of our survey work has continued to define us as a company. 

Boundary Service

A boundary survey is used to precisely establish property corners and lines based on a legal description from a formal deed. A map is carefully prepared to show the dimensions of any commercial and residential property, along with any encroachments that might be present.

Property Line

The property line survey is provided when new descriptions of property lines are needed, either due to a land division or property line adjustment, or to clarify an ambiguous, old description. 

Topographical Survey

Topographic surveys are used by both engineers and architects for various design purposes. Topographic surveys (or land surveys) show the boundary of the subject property while also showing any existing improvements such as:
  • Buildings 
  • Roads
  • Various utilities
  • Trees
  • Ponds
  • Other potential site features 

Mortgage Inspection

A mortgage inspection survey is prepared for either a lender or purchaser in order to locate any major improvements on the property and show their approximate relationship to the property lines. A map is prepared showing the boundary of the property to be purchased, the major improvements, and the legal description of the property.

Land Surveys

Construction Staking

The construction staking surveying service is provided for the construction of buildings, roads, parking lots, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and other utilities.

Parcel Splits/Divisions

A land division survey is needed when a smaller parcel is being split out of a larger parcel or in some instances when two property owners want to adjust boundary lines between their properties. A Sketch of Proposed Land Division map will be provided showing the proposed division and remainder of the parent parcel along with new legal descriptions for transfer of title.

Certified Survey

In order to make a survey official in public record, a certified survey must be created. This survey requires additional information to be gathered by the surveying team and clearly shown on the certified drawing. The drawings can then be recorded and used throughout the property’s history.

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